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Nội dung text: bài xích tập thì bây giờ đơn - hiện nay tại tiếp tục - vượt khứ đơn

Past simple + Present simple + Present continuous Exercise 1: Give the correct form of the verb 1. Yesterday, I (go)___ khổng lồ the restaurant with a client. 2. We (drive) ___ around the parking lot for 20 minnutes lớn find a parking space. 3. At the moment, Nam and his friends (go)___shopping at the mall. 4. In the autumn, I rarely (go)___sailing & (go)___to school. 5. I (write)___ a letter to lớn my friend now. 6. I (not go) ___ to school last Sunday. 7. She (get) ___ married last year? 8. What you (do) ___ last night? - I (do) ___ my homework. 9. Yesterday, I (get) ___ up at 6 & (have) ___ breakfast at 6.30. 10. He (walk) ___to school yesterday. 11. They ( do) ___their homework last night. 12. What time your brother usually (get)___up? 13. My house (be)___in the city and it (be)___small. 14. Every morning , we (have)___breakfast at 7.00 am. 15. We (watch) ___an interesting program on television last night 16. My wife và I (travel)___to Mexico by air last summer 17. I (have)___a little trouble with my car last week 18. Her aunt (take) her lớn see Cham Temple last year. 19. Everyday ,I (go)___to school on foot, but today I (go)___to school by bike. 20. How your child (go)___to school everyday? 21. Tuan (have) a new bike yesterday. 22. He (not talk) with his parents about his vacation in da Lat last year. 23. My sister (get)___ dressed and (brush)___her teeth herself at 6.30 everyday. 24. They (not come) school yesterday? 25. You ___(wait) for Nam? - No, I ___(wait) for Mr. Hai. 26. The windows (not close) yesterday? 27. We (not return) at trang chủ at 7 pm last Monday. 28. Mrs. Smith (not live)___in downtown. She (rent)___in an apartment in the suburb. 29. It’s 9 o’clock in the morning. Lien (be)___in her room. She (listen) ___to music. 30. We___(play) soccer in the yard now.Exercise 2: Choose the correct answer 1. Bởi you know Janelyn? Yes, of course, I (met/ meet/ is meeting) her every day! 2. I ( am / was / were ) very happy on my last vacation. 3. Where is Tom?Ah he ( is playing/ plays/played) football with his friends in the garden 5. He ( doesn’t / won’t / didn’t ) come here last night. 6. (When / where / What time ) did you see her ? – Yesterday morning. 7. We ( are visiting / will visit / visit / visited) Ha Long bay last summer vacation. 8. Lan sometimes (goes / go / went / is going ) lớn the zoo. 9. When they (was / will be / were / are ) children, they often played with each other. 10. Yesterday, I ( am buying / going lớn buy / buy / bought ) many gifts for him on the trip lớn Ha Noi. 11. The animal programme (showed/ is showing/shows) on VTV3 now 12. Last autumn, I và my friends (went/go/is going) to lớn Nha Trang beach. It was wonderful trip 13. Hurry up, we (missed/misses/are missing) the bus! 14. My uncle (played/plays/is playing) baseball 10 years ago 15. Last year, she (is teaching/teaches/taught) us Math. 16. At the moment, my sister (reads/is reading/read) a comic book. 17. Sometimes, I (am playing/play/played)___badminton. 18. He usually (goes/is going/went) scuba diving with his friends 19. Jogging (makes/make/is making) us stronger 20. Look! They (run/are running/ran) together. Exercise 3: Rewrite the sentences 1. Often/ I/ the/ museum/ Saturday/ visit/ on 2. My mother/dress/making/is/now 3. The weather/ but/ cold/ was/ today / is/ it/ hot /yesterday 4. He/ English club/ to/ went/ the/ last Sunday 5. She/ stays/ night/ up/ late/ never/ at 6. She/ village school/ at/ taught/ a/ two years ago 7. Every Sunday/ goes cycling/ he/ his mother/ with 8. Cooking/ sister/ in/ my/ is/ dinner/ kitchen/the 9. Vị not/ Jane/ usually/ breakfast/ morning/ in the/ have. 10. Tired/ I/ when/ bicycle/ to/ school/ am/ always/I