There seems to be an error activating viber on your device


Viber Activation Code Error Issues và Fixes: Viber is one of the most popular cross-platform instant messaging app. Viber is being considered as the best alternative khổng lồ the Skype calls. Viber is available for thiết bị di động platforms as well as for the computer. Viber is also available for Linux, Mac and Windows PCs. Apart from video clip calls, you can also use Viber khổng lồ send text messages, photos, and sticker messages. You can download Viber for iOS, Android & Windows Phone from their respective apps store. Irrespective of the device you are using Viber on, there is one common error faced by all the Viber users. The activation code issue in Viber is shared among the users, and it is frustrating lớn say the least. Kiểm tra below Viber Activation Error code fixes for Viber Activation Code not received.


In today’s round, we will be showing you how to fix Viber activation code error issues. There are mainly two Viber code issues faced by the users. In this article, we will show you how khổng lồ fix ” I have not received an access code issue” and “invalid code” issue in Viber.

Viber Activation Code Error Issues and Fixes : Best Methods

There are three Viber activation code error issues và fixes. Each of them will require you khổng lồ try different settings. So, let’s get started.

Method 1: Fix Access Code Not received Viber Issue

After finishing the Viber installation, you enter your điện thoại number and proceed khổng lồ get the activation code. However, at times you will not receive the Viber activation code even after multiple re-attempt to receive the Viber activation code. Now there could be several reasons for not receiving the activation code for Viber. To lớn fix this issue, try the fixes given below.

Check your Phone Number – The first thing you should be checking is your entered phone number is correct. Also, make sure that you have entered or chosen the right country code. Make sure there are no spaces between the phone number.Check your thiết bị di động Network – The Viber activation code is sent via the SMS khổng lồ your phone number. So, make sure that you have strong cellular signals & can receive SMS.
Check Roaming Status – If you are using your SIM thẻ outside your country, then you may need lớn activate roaming before receiving any SMS or the Viber activation code.Try Automatica Callback lớn Get Activation Code by a Phone Call – Still if you are struggling to lớn receive the Viber activation code, try to use the automatic callback option. With this, you will receive your six-digit activation code by a telephone call. Note down the activation code & use the same code khổng lồ verify your phone number on Viber.Method 2: Fix Invalid Code Viber Issue

Another common Viber issue is “invalid code” error. This error occurs when you try to enter the Viber activation code & verify your phone number. This error usually occurs because you have entered an incorrect activation code. Try these fixes to lớn fix invalid error code issue in Viber.

Check the Activation code – Once you receive the access code by SMS, make sure you enter all the six-digits as it is. Also, make sure that you haven’t given any blank space before or after the access code.Automatic Callback – As mentioned earlier, you can also get your access code by a phone call. So, if the access code received through SMS didn’t work then try the automatic callback feature in Viber lớn get the activation code via a phone call.Account Blocked – If you already sent access code request more than three times, then Viber will block your current account. In that case, you may need to lớn uninstall & reinstall the Viber application & try lớn create a new account.Method 3: Update Viber ứng dụng to Fix the Activation Code Issue

If you have installed an older version of the Viber tiện ích on your phone, then you may need lớn update the phầm mềm to the latest version. You can get the latest version of the ứng dụng from the official phầm mềm store of your platform.

So, this was about Viber activation code issues & fixes. Vị try these Viber activation code error fixes and let us know which one worked for you in the comments below.