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Your Windows license will expire soon is a pretty straightforward message that prompts you khổng lồ renew your license.The truth is that system errors can just as easily trigger this dialogue that repeats at every reboot.One explanation for the Windows will expire soon error is a rejected license key but you can easily correct that using a command-line tool.

By running this command you’ll modify your registry & prevent the Your Windows license will expire soon message from appearing.

If you experience any issues after modifying the registry, simply run the registry backup tệp tin in order lớn restore your registry to lớn the original state.

How can I find my Windows product key và change it?

If you have a Windows OS registered under a valid license key you can easily find out what it is & use it again, even if you decide to upgrade to Windows 11.

Your product key will now appear. Write it down or copy it to lớn a safe location.

After doing that, your Windows should become activated và the error message will be resolved.

By following these guidelines you should be able lớn fix the alert saying Your Windows license will expire soon on both Windows 10 & Windows 11 operating systems.

It’s really important lớn remind you that a legitimate license is extremely important in order lớn keep your system updated & secure.

If you don’t have a legitimate copy of Windows, follow our textbook indications and find out what to do if you get the message saying This copy of Windows is not genuine.

To prevent any possible mishaps, try to avoid offers that are too good to lớn be true from random websites as they are probably scams that will only leave you with a hole in your budget.

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